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Tammi is the Founder and Head Life Coach of VisionScope Coaching.

About VisionScope Coaching

VisionScope Coaching is a life coaching practice that specialises in helping individuals, teams and groups reach their full potential.
Through programs and techniques devised to help bring all areas of life into the best possible balance, VisionScope helps people move from their heads to their hearts to achieve balance, perspective and beautiful, substantial results. In particular VisionScope Coaching work with those who are doing okay-ish or 'good' to help them reach their full potential, make an impact and regain vitality.

For more information, visit the

VisionScope Coaching website here

About Tammi as a Life Coach


Tammi is an energetic and passionate coach. Her mission is to help individuals, teams and businesses find their true purpose and to achieve it.

With tertiary studies in psychology, business and training, as well as experience studying under monks in India, career coaching in South East Asia, yoga teaching and extensive travel, Tammi brings her eclectic knowledge of self-development to her clients.


She helps others explore their capability and realise the ambitions, aspirations and achievements that can bring them high performance. Grounded and goal-oriented, Tammi pushes her clients outside of their comfort zone while making sure they feel supported on the journey. She is also an energetic healer, qualified yoga teacher, meditation instructor and a Clinical EFT Practitioner working 1:1 with clients daily from her Surry Hills practice.

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