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Keine Panik! - Erste Hilfe für die Seele. Sofortmaßnahmen gegen Ängste, Sorgen und Beklemm
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The Panic Button Book is a practical guide to help you through those moments when you feel worried or panicky. Written in everyday language and beautifully illustrated, it is also the ideal gift for a loved one having a tough time.

Including over 50 'decision trees' designed to neutralise anxiety, this book guides you through feelings of:

  • Loss of control

  • Worry

  • Overthinking

  • Restlessness

  • Hypervigilance

With special sections on relationships, parenting and social unease, The Panic Button Book captures day-to-day moments of worry and converts them into a sense of relief.

Tammi has distilled the best tried-and-tested techniques from her own experiences as a life coach and wellness expert to create this indispensable 'first-aid kit' to have on hand as you navigate the world.


Australian and New Zealand customers, available in all good bookstores or order via Booktopia here

UK customers, order via Amazon UK here

US customers, order via Amazon here

For free global delivery, order via Book Depository here

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