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About Tammi Kirkness

Tammi Kirkness is the Head Life Coach and founder of VisionScope Coaching.

She is an international speaker and ex-corporate warrior with a business background in executive coaching, people management and human resources. She has worked as a clinician with both adults and children internationally and has studied under monks in the south of India.


Tammi is also a qualified yoga teacher, meditation instructor, energetic healer and a Clinical EFT Practitioner working 1:1 globally with clients daily from her Sydney-based practice.

Among her repertoire, Tammi has worked with Fortune 500 companies, middle eastern royalty, government bodies, direct selling companies and start-ups.

Tammi became an international bestselling author in 2020 when her book ‘The Panic Button Book’ was published by Murdoch Books. It quickly climbed up the bestseller lists and was subsequently translated into seven additional languages. Her newest book ‘The Panic Button Book for Kids’ aimed at primary aged kids who worry and their parents, is now available.

She also:

  • Has been engaged to coach, train and speak nationally and internationally to the staff of Nestle, JLL, Fitness First, World Organics, NSW State Government, multiple direct selling companies and more

  • Specialises in holistic wellbeing, mental wellness, anxiety, mindfulness, meditation and helping others to thrive

  • Created a mindfulness program running across five countries run by 30 facilitators

  • Is a qualified yoga teacher and runs regular meditation classes specialising in high performers and those with busy minds

  • Has acted as a media commentator for Triple M, Hit Network, Huff Post, Body + Soul, Wellness Magazine, 9Honey, and more

Contact Tammi here

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